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Corrosion of propeller blade edge and repair of SAWTOOTH

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The blade edge saw teeth and erosion repair principle 11) blade edge saw teeth or small gap, where greater than 1 / 2 of the Blade thickness at the deepest not more than 10 mm should be repaired. The use of small serrated notches allows for smoothing after grinding. For the parts of Blade other than 0.5 r, the depth of edge denudation does not exceed 1 / 2 of the blade thickness and the width of each side does not exceed 1 / 4 of the blade width. If the blade denudation is serious, many times after repair, material properties have changed, should consider replacement. For minor cavitation holes and depressions, plastic filling is allowed in the case of inconvenient welding repair, so that the OAR can achieve the goal of smoothness. Blade corrosion and wear repair methods are summarized as follows: (1) corrosion spots are not too deep, its spread per square centimeter and the product less than three points, should be in the spots with a grinding wheel, until until the exposure of bright metal. If the depth of the corrosion spot exceeds 1-1.5 mm and the inner spot is more than 3 points per square centimeter, the spot should be repaired and then ground. The depth of cavitation corrosion at the root of the blade should not exceed half of the thickness of the blade. The blade surface is deeply corroded. The depth is more than half of the thickness of the blade, and the area of larger or denser and denser diffusion is more than 20% of the blade area. The diameter of the corrosion dent is 20% of the width of the blade, for Large and medium-sized propellers, the damaged parts can be cut off and welded with new plates. Blade local wear, so that the thickness of the blade has been reduced to 2 / 3 of the original thickness, then this part should be cut off and welded to a new plate. Blades in 1 / 2 area of more than serious wear and tear, should be replaced. When the blade tip is broken or the cavitation corrosion is serious, it is more complicated to repair the blade by welding. Some blade tip part of the corrosion is extremely thin and curly serious, also can not repair welding. In this case, the propeller can be replaced by a local replacement method. Blade Patch Procedure (copper) first determine the patch area, and in the blade cut line and punch the hole; 2) and then measure the actual diameter of the propeller; 3) cut patch part, you can drill a few holes outside the cut line, and then cut, it is best to planer off; (4) in the drilling machine will be damaged end angle part of drilling reshaping. Then use a chisel or wind shovel to level the fracture surface; 5) according to the other complete leaves, make the wooden mold with the broken place inlay fit, and ensure its diameter size and screw surface shape. It is better to make a wooden mould to match the original blade according to the drawing size; after the inlaid blade is cast out, it should be shaped and matched with the original blade, and the welding groove should be processed at the same time; Annealing after welding to eliminate stress; something 10then Flatten and smooth the raised weld scar.

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