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Polyda Propeller is professional boat propeller manufacturer specializes in aluminum propellers, stainless steel propellers, nibral propellers and jet ski impellers. With twelve years manufacturing experience, Polyda Propeller has created well-known brand POLYDA with wide propeller range and excellent quality. As the leading propeller manufacturer,  Polyda keep researching and developing to delivery more and more excellent propellers worldwide.
Polyda Propeller has strict quality control system to ensure every propeller which received by customers is qualified. Quality consciousness is instilled from raw material processing to final packing. Quality inspection is carried out during Casting process , Machining Center, Painting and Packing for every propeller with series of analysis equipment to assist the inspection such as Coordinate Measuring Machine, Rubber Torque Tester, Hardness Tester and Dynamic Balance Machine.
Annual sales of more than 100 million aluminum and stainless steel propeller
Annual sales total 150 million yuan
About 4,000 propellers a day
Europe, America, South America, Asia and more than 30 countries
Enterprise strength
●  To provide customers with the highest cost-effective products made in China
   Creating value for customers is the foundation of GCL. We will always focus on customer needs, face global competition, innovation and change, with market results and Customer satisfaction constantly review and enhance their own value.
   Innovation ability is an important index of core competence. Only innovation can gather the power source, keep the youth vigor forever, open up the future space, form the difference competitive advantage.
About us
Polyda Propeller has strict quality control system to ensure every propeller which received by customers is qualified.  
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