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  • 2021-10-27

    Today Shipment. 268 C/T boxes

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  • 2020-04-20

    Technology for repairing slag inclusion defect of copper propeller

    Argon ARC welding repair technology for copper propeller slag defect marine propeller is also called propeller, which is an important part of marine power plant and an important equipment to ensure the safe navigation of ships. The propeller running in sea water bears huge alternating load, which requires high mechanical property, high corrosion fatigue degree and excellent cavitation corrosion resistance. The propeller made by Longye Propeller Company of Zhoushan is made of copper alloy and is mainly used in the manufacture of large, high-speed ship propellers. The defects of the anti-fatigue and anti-cavitation erosion are casting, high processing requirements, and welding problems such as difficult fusion, porosity, hot crack, low-grade welding deformation, etc. . The Argon Arc welding is used to repair the slag inclusion of propeller. Defects describe a narrow crystalline range, a large volume shrinkage, and an oxygen affinity in the alloy

  • 2020-04-20

    Casting technology of large copper alloy propeller

    In recent years, with the vigorous development of shipbuilding industry in the world, the tonnage of shipbuilding is increasing obviously, which leads to the weight of marine propeller is also increasing. The casting technology of large propeller is very complicated due to the heavy load on the propeller when it is running in the sea water, the strict requirements on the casting mechanical properties and quality, and the complicated curved surface structure of the propeller blade. Because of the complex shape of the propeller blade and the large outline size of the super-large propeller, the whole molding technology is especially critical, and the molding quality is not up to standard, which may cause the casting size to be unqualified, serious damage to the castings. Therefore, the modeling process of propeller is particularly important. At present, the modeling of propellers is usually done by digital display pitch gauge, cross section template, angle line template and hand molding,

  • 2020-04-20

    Marine Propeller Trivia

    Propeller is a propeller consisting of a hub and a number of blades fixed radially to the hub, commonly known as a vehicle blade. The propeller, which is mounted below the stern line and rotated by the main engine, pushes the water to the back of the ship and uses the water's reaction to propel the boat forward. The propeller is simple in construction, light in weight, high in efficiency, and protected below the waterline. A GTS has one or two propellers. A ship of high propulsive power may increase the number of propellers. Large fast passenger ships have two to four oars. Propeller generally have 3 ~ 4 blades, diameter according to the ship's horsepower and draft, the lower end does not touch the bottom, the upper end does not exceed the full load waterline. The speed of propeller should not be too high. The speed of ocean freighter is about 100 RPM. The speed of small speedboat is as high as 400 ~ 500 RPM, but the efficiency will be affected. Propeller materials are generally used m

  • 2020-04-20

    How to repair marine screw

    Propeller repair propeller is an important ship equipment, because the propeller is located underwater, so its maintenance and repair rely on regular docking maintenance. Most ship propellers are mainly made of metal materials. In the course of use, many defects of propellers mainly occur on the blades for various reasons. The common defects are corrosion, crack, fracture and deformation, etc. , and some of the defects will also cause the ship in navigation anomalies. The ship in dock repair or row repair, the propeller should be careful appearance inspection, check whether there are cracks, Sawtooth, defects found should be repaired in a timely manner. When the damage can not be repaired in place, the propeller should be removed for repair and the contact surface of the taper hole should be checked. In order to meet the requirements of the repaired propeller, the Blade Pitch, blade thickness and blade diameter should be measured when the propeller is repaired by bending correction, br

  • 2020-04-18

    Corrosion of propeller blade edge and repair of SAWTOOTH

    A ship's propeller transmits the thrust it produces to the ship itself, which is the part that converts the Torque produced by the engine into kinetic energy. If the propeller breaks down, the normal movement of the ship will be affected to different degrees. When different faults occur, the treatment methods are different, and the proper method should be based on the reasonable analysis of the faults, that is to say, the cause analysis is also very important. The accuracy of the cause analysis directly affects the result of judging the type of fault.

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